xenopus laevis

synonymes. bufo laevis daudin, ; pipa bufonia merrem, ; xenopus boiei wagler, ; dactylethra capensis cuvier, ; tremeropugus typicus 

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the african clawed frog is a species of african aquatic frog of the family pipidae. its name is derived from the three short claws on each hind foot, which it uses to  xenopus laevis (daudin, ) african clawed frog. john j. crayon. . historical versus current distribution. introduced in the united states. african clawed 

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le xénope lisse : xenopus laevis (daudin, ). in : pascal, m., lorvelec, o., vigne, j.d., keith, p. & clergeau, p. Évolution holocène de la faune de vertébrés  two species of xenopus are regularly used by biologists, xenopus laevis and xenopus tropicalis. both species are fully aquatic, and are easy to tain in 

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xenopus laevis ssp. bunyoniensis loveridge, however, this leaves the odd situation of x. laevis being a southern african species, but with an isolated  les xenopus laevis appartiennent au genre xenopus (avec quelques autres, comme xenopus tropicalis, par exemple), lequel genre appartient luimême à la 

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xenopus laevis occurs naturally in southern africa. there are substantial introduced populations in california, chile, great britain, and probably many other  common name, african clawed frog. synonym, . other names, › bufo laevisxenopus laevis (daudin, ) › xenopus leavis › clawed frog › common platanna

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identification: xenopus laevis is a dorsoventrally flattened frog with a relatively small head and a svl (snoutvent length) of over mm (over in) 

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