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using a pothos plant in your aquarium. the pothos plant can be found in most garden centers and also in this video we look at my opentop long, planted tank. we will discuss the nitrate, and phosphate levels and

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adding a second cultivar of pothos, a common house plant, to my hang on back filter killed my algae! it had i wanted to add some more plant filtration to the gallon aquarium so i stopped by lowes and bought a

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mai pothos plant so i have read all the suggestions about adding a pothos plant to a in the water that the aquarium plants have not sucked up for themselves. s, je vais mettre quelques pieds de pothos dans mon bac, mais en laissant les racines descendre progressivement dans l'aquarium

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adding pothos aka devil's ivy, to improve aquarium water quality is something many people do. it's very easy and anyone can do it. déc. for anyhow who enjoys aquariums and fish i want to recommend the pothos vine as a no effort aquarium plant. i think we've all been there, 

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to start off, you have to keep in mind that pothos are not aquatic plants, and if you try to keep them in the actual aquarium they will drown #eanf#

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