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dendrobates tinctorius dart frogs for sale. flat rate shipping, low cost, captive bred animals. great quality, healthy, and colorful! buy from josh's frogs! synonymes. rana tinctoria cuvier, ; calamita tinctorius schneider, ; dendrobates tinctorius var. daudini steindachner, ; dendrobates machadoi  the dyeing dart frog, tinc or dyeing poison frog (dendrobates tinctorius) is a species of poison dart frog. it is among the largest species, reaching lengths of  

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dendrobates tinctorius is found only in the southernmost part of the south american country of suriname in a region known as the sipaliwini savannah. scientific name: dendrobates tinctorius (cuvier, ). common name(s): () in considering dendrobates azureus as a junior synonym of this species. dendrobates tinctorius has over knowm morphs and new ones are still being found. d.tinctorius "powder blue" is black with white markings, d.tinctorius 

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description there are two morphs, one that was formerly known as dendrobates azureus, and the previously recognized dendrobates tinctorius. dna analysis  d.tinctorius "la fumee" froglets. dendrobates tinctorius citronella and azureus, dendrobates new england herpetoculture dendrobates tinctorius care sheet. caring for dendrobates tinctorius dart frogs. d. tinctorious is one of the largest and most variable of all dart (arrow) frog species. these bold and active frogs 

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